Styling With Heather Nette King

Australia's renowned interiors stylist, Heather Nette King shares with us her approach in styling The Courtyard House, as part of our first Auhaus release. Heather used furniture and homewares from Meizai, as well as from individual artists. The result was photographed by Mike Baker.

Heather Nette King for Life Spaces Group

Heather, tell us about your styling career.

I was an interiors obsessed PR and Marketing girl, and spent years working at Network Ten, and then in the beauty industry. When my family and I moved to Sydney over a decade ago I thought that as I was in the magazine capital of Australia I should back myself and give styling and writing a go.  I worked for nothing, had a few very lucky breaks, and have been happily working for magazines and interiors clients ever since.

I’ve been the Melbourne Homes Editor on Sunday Life magazine for almost a decade.  The privilege of going into people’s beautiful homes and interviewing them about how they live is something I’ll never take for granted.

How would you describe your design aesthetic? 

Professionally, I tend to fall in love with the style of whichever project I’m working on at the time – be it contemporary, mid-century, high-end, or vintage, etc.  I think you need to do that in order to put passion into your work.  At home, I love moody interiors – lots of strong colours, and mix of furniture from many (possibly too many) periods.  And I love a lot of art and books in a home.

Tell us a bit about this project with Life Spaces Group.

This was a dream project from the start – getting a brief to fill an empty home could be daunting, but the Life Spaces Group collaboration with Auhaus Architects produced such a strong base to work from – the clever design and the beautiful mix of building materials, fixtures and fittings lead my choices for the furniture and accessories. 

It’s in a beachside location, and could work equally well as a permanent home or a holiday house, but I tried to avoid many of the usual beachy interior clichés. Rather, I embellished the building’s existing monochrome and brass palette with some gentle greens and blues, as a nod to its beautiful surroundings.

What is your favourite space in the Courtyard House and why?

I’m utterly obsessed with the kitchen – the clever layout and great appliances speak for themselves – but oh the colour palette of black and brass!  It’s striking, stunning, sexy… I could go on.  

THE DETAILS °Sofflo Dining Table + Intro Dining Chairs  @piancadesign  Match XL sofa + Mono side table:  @prostoria  °Large leaning art: Megan Weston  @mwestonart  °Hanging art: KimmiLee art:  @kimmilee_art  ° @sussextaps   @haymespaint   @rylockaustralia   @airsmart_au   @hurfordwholesale  

°Sofflo Dining Table + Intro Dining Chairs @piancadesign
Match XL sofa + Mono side table: @prostoria
°Large leaning art: Megan Weston @mwestonart
°Hanging art: KimmiLee art: @kimmilee_art
°@sussextaps @haymespaint @rylockaustralia @airsmart_au

THE DETAILS °Panchina bench by Ex.t  @meizai  °Hanging art: KimmiLee art:  @kimmilee_art

°Panchina bench by Ex.t @meizai
°Hanging art: KimmiLee art: @kimmilee_art

Details  °Sofflo Dining Table + Intro Dining Chairs  @piancadesign


°Sofflo Dining Table + Intro Dining Chairs @piancadesign

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