Lifespaces Looks Back At 2018

With two years under our belt, we - the directors of Lifespaces Group - have taken some time to reflect on what we have learned, and what we’ve achieved. We’re delighted with the response to Lifespaces Group, and we look forward to building on this in 2019.

Grant Downie, Elliot McLaren, Simon Babb

Grant Downie, Elliot McLaren, Simon Babb

The Lifespaces Group Approach

When pioneering a business model untested in every way, you could be excused in reaching the conclusion that it’s just too risky.  Surely if it could work, then someone would already be doing it… right?  When launching our unique, untested building model to the Australian market in 2016, many of our industry peers certainly held the view that we were wasting our time. 

We however, held firm on a very different view.  A significant amount of time went into identifying and intimately getting to know our customer, and understanding their untapped needs. What do they do?  Where do they live?  What’s important to them in life?  What drives their decision making? 

In turn, we also asked ourselves - Why are we doing this?  What is driving us? Who are we, and who are we not? We never planned on competing with a bespoke architectural experience, nor did we plan on competing with a volume building model. 

At the very core of the Lifespaces model is a desire to deliver true quality and transparency to a market that is frustrated with budget blow outs and unexpected construction costs. This drove us into a space where price certainty, process transparency and unrivalled quality became the foundations on which we built our model.  It was Steve Jobs that said;

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”  

The first completed Scandi House

The first completed Scandi House

Our Unique Approach To Building

Lifespaces Group is in fact a kind of dual platform.  Firstly, we create a ‘Design Platform’ that allows each carefully selected architect the chance to design a small, signature range of homes that reflect their personal design ethos, their use of space, light and material composition.  We see the architect as an artist, free to start with a blank canvas and produce homes that they are truly proud of.  There are no tight restrictions or inhibitions placed on the architect during this design phase, as this would be counterproductive to what we wish to achieve.  The end design result has far exceeded what anyone could have imagined.

Secondly, we have created an ‘Access Platform’ - enabling our customers to access the works of art created by some of the country’s most inspirational architects. 

Each Lifespaces home has an exclusive run of 10 builds only, similar to a limited edition piece of artwork.  This is very unique to the global building industry, therefore delivering on the desired exclusivity typically attached to this end of the market.  By constructing the same home over 10 projects, we are able to cherry pick each supplier, leverage long term supply agreements and unlocking construction efficiencies not found in any one-off project.  These efficiencies and savings are directly passed onto our clients, making the offering quite compelling.

The market response both locally and internationally to the Lifespaces model has been overwhelming to say the least.  The ability to create a new market segment, while delivering transparency and cost efficiency has seen 2018 surpass our expectations.  We are currently servicing 10 active projects in prime areas such as Jan Juc, Barwon Heads, Kew, Hawthorn, Mt Eliza, Thornbury and Northcote. 

The inaugural Auhaus Release has been incredibly well received, while looking ahead, 2019 is also shaping up to be an amazing year. We look forward to further broadening the appeal of Lifespaces with our much anticipated second architects release. This will comprise a new series of exciting designs that are suited to smaller inner city lots in both double and single level designs. Watch this space!

Some Projects Completed In 2017/18

If you’d like more information, please contact us via email or on 1300 900 880.

Elliot McLaren, Grant Downie and Simon Babb