Lifespaces Group Celebrates Three Years

The first completed Lifespaces Group build - the Courtyard House designed by Auhaus

The first completed Lifespaces Group build - the Courtyard House designed by Auhaus

October 2019 marks the third anniversary of Lifespaces Group, and an opportunity for Directors Grant Downie and Simon Babb to reflect on the achievements of their luxury home building start up during a turbulent property market.

 Lifespaces Group pioneered an innovative approach in the Australian building industry, commissioning leading architects to design a signature series of limited edition luxury homes. Each series is distinct and varied - a true reflection of the architect's design ethos.  Each home is then handcrafted by Lifespaces Group exactly as the architect envisioned.

To maintain exclusivity, only 10 homes of each design may ever be built. 

Building with Lifespaces Group offers a luxury home designed by a leading architect for a fixed cost and a fixed timeframe.

The first series by Auhaus Architecture has been incredibly well received, with several builds on the Bellarine Peninsula and across Melbourne.  As a result, Grant and Simon are excited to announce that some brand new designs by Auhaus Architecture will be released early next year. 

If you’re interested in a preview of the new designs or learning more about what they include, please contact us on 1300 900 880, or email us.

Read below the Q&A with Simon and Grant:

What was your motivation for starting Lifespaces Group?

Simon: “To provide quality design from architects at the top of their field and make it more accessible to a broader market.”

Grant: “To provide a streamlined, transparent design and construction process that has more upfront certainty around timeframes and budget.”

What have you been most proud of about Lifespaces Group in its first three years?

Simon: “Seeing the designs come to life and how well the finished product is received by the clients.”

Grant: “How well the model and our collaboration with Auhaus has worked and has been received by the public.”

Has anything surprised you?

Simon: “The number of people out there that were searching for a product that filled a gap in the market based on quality design and affordability.”

Grant: “Just how well received the Lifespaces model has been in such a short time. I knew we had a great idea, but I’m just blown away by how quickly people grabbed hold of our vision.” 

Working as a duo, can you tell us about your individual roles as Directors, and how you work together?

Simon: “I’m the Construction Manager. I project manage each build and take care of day-to-day client liaising.”

Grant: “I’m the Operations Manager. I complete general administration duties and provide support to the construction team. Simon and I work together through the sales, design, contract and construction process. This ensures the client is dealing with us, the business owners, through the entire process.”

What are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months?

Simon: “I can speak on behalf of both myself and Grant here in saying that we’re really excited to see the release of some new Auhaus designs. Auhaus are masters of their craft, and I’m sure that their new designs will prove to be a hit with our future clients.”

Grant: “I’m also very much looking forward to completing more builds – we have several in progress in Northcote, Ashburton, Kew and other Melbourne suburbs. We’re looking forward to seeing our company continue to grow in line with our values.  

What is your favourite Lifespaces build and why?

The Scandi House

The Scandi House

Simon: “The Courtyard House, because of its three and a half metre ceilings, beautiful kitchen, and private courtyard area.”

Grant: “It’s pretty tough to choose a favourite, but the Scandi House just wins for me. The internal courtyard and alfresco area to the rear of the home, along with roofline, makes this one my favourite.”


Lifespaces Group has proudly completed more than 15 projects since launching in 2015, with their most popular designs proving to be the Bluestone House and the Scandi House. Three builds are still available to complete the series of 10 for the Bluestone House.

If you are looking to build a beautifully crafted home with high attention to detail, please get in touch. Call 1300 900 880 or email



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