Introducing Neolith

Lifespaces Group is delighted to appoint Neolith as exclusive supplier of sintered stone surfaces. Aligned with Lifespaces' values of luxury, excellence, and innovation, Neolith has a global reputation for incredibly well-crafted products. Neolith has a distinct design flair, and is used in top restaurants, hotels and residences around the world.

Neolith has two major product categories - Natural Sintered Stone and Granite. Their product range includes sinks, bench tops, shower trays and doors, tiles, wooden flooring, stone flooring, tiles, and facades in a variety of materials.

Neolith Zaha Stone Kitchen 

Neolith Zaha Stone Kitchen 

Lifespaces Group builds homes that are made to last, and accordingly, Neolith materials and products are scratch, ice, heat and UV resistant. They are waterproof, easy to clean, light and hygienic. Neolith products are also 100% recyclable because they are 100% natural.

Contact us to discuss how we can integrate stunning Neolith materials into your limited edition Lifespaces home.