Customising Brass Tapware With Sussex Taps

brass tapware auhaus architecture x lifespaces group 3.jpg

Brass taps seem to epitomise the design ethos of Auhaus Architecture for Life Spaces homes. Distinct yet subtle, highly crafted yet minimalist, brass taps are a beautiful way to finish off a kitchen or bathroom. 

All Life Spaces homes feature top of the range tapware from Sussex Taps. Sussex is a Melbourne based, family run business that was founded in 1960 by a Dutch watchmaker turned jeweler. In keeping with its roots, Sussex is renowned for its breathtaking craftsmanship and artisanal character.

Every Sussex tap and component is crafted in the Melbourne workshop. Local Melbourne engineers oversee the entire precision process — from developing the design in their studio, to producing the brass in their foundry, to perfecting the product in their workshop. Sussex guarantees that all six stages of the production process are executed with the utmost care and attention to detail. This system of personalised management enables Sussex to deliver on its promise of flawless quality and remarkable durability. Sussex encourages its customers to visit the workshop and witness for themselves the crafting of their taps.

Customizing Your Life Spaces Home with Sussex

The team at Sussex pride themselves on customisation and will tailor their products to meet creative preferences. All Life Spaces clients are given the opportunity to create a tap that matches the aesthetics of their home. Clients are invited to choose from an extensive list of colour options from the Scala range and can combine or contrast their chosen colour with a different hue for each component of their tap.

LifeSpaces customers also have the opportunity to watch their taps being crafted!

Sussex is committed to sustainability. It has developed an eco-friendly production process which minimises waste and environmental impact. All Sussex components are crafted from recycled brass shavings, which are left over from the company’s machining operations. As the only Australian manufacturer with its own foundry, Sussex has chosen to melt and re-use this resource to create a premium product without the environmental toll.

Life Spaces customers will love the timeless beauty and functionality of the Scala by Sussex range.

Janet Boland