V-Zug x Lifespaces Group

Image of V-Zug Showroom in Kew by  @tatjanaplitt

Image of V-Zug Showroom in Kew by @tatjanaplitt

Lifespaces Partners With Swiss Appliance Brand V-Zug 

Every Lifespaces home is equipped with premium Swiss appliances from V-ZUG. As Switzerland’s leading brand in household appliances, V-ZUG is recognised worldwide for its development and manufacture of high quality kitchen and laundry products.

For Lifespaces Group, the choice to use V-ZUG was obvious.

“The Swiss are renowned for precision and this product is no different.  I first saw V-ZUG at a kitchen expo… everyone was talking about it!  Since then, they have evolved globally as a leader in the premium appliance space.

We always choose to align Lifespaces with innovative, market leading companies. We want to ensure that each of our clients knows that they are getting the best of the best at every step of their journey with Lifespaces” - Elliot McLaren, Sales and Marketing Director.

Live Cooking Demonstrations

Live cooking demonstrations are available exclusively to Lifespaces customers at the V-ZUG headquarters in Kew. There, the company will provide detailed information on oven use, as well as general care and maintenance.

Image of V-Zug Showroom in Kew by  @tatjanaplitt

Image of V-Zug Showroom in Kew by @tatjanaplitt

V-ZUG Ovens – The Detail

Whether you are a food connoisseur, a practical cook or simply someone pressed for time, V-ZUG’s kitchen appliances are perfect for any skill set or life situation. Installed in all LifeSpaces homes, V-ZUG ovens are guaranteed to take the stress and difficulty out of cooking. With over 100 default settings designed for every culinary need, EasyCook applies the ideal conditions needed to cook your dish to perfection.

At the touch of a button, the GourmetGuide carries out complex cooking processes, simplifying even the most challenging recipes. Featuring 52 preprogrammed recipes, the V-ZUG cookbook provides endless inspiration and will cater to every palette. Thanks to an advanced self cleaning system, your VZUG oven cleans itself, turning to ash any trace of dirt.

From baking a cake to defrosting a meal, V-ZUG microwaves possess a wide range of practical functions and programs that cater to all types of food preparation. With the Combi Mode you can prepare your food in half the time of a normal oven, whilst the CombiCrunch Plate acts as both a microwave and a grill. 31 automatic programs cover the full spectrum of cooking needs, from melting or thawing to crispy baking. This microwave is a perfect addition to the modern family kitchen, and will allow you to achieve perfect results in an instant.

V-ZUG Dishwashers – The Detail

V-ZUG dishwashers are designed to maximise washing efficiency and minimise your environmental footprint. Fitted with economical functions and resource saving programmes, the Adora SL dishwashers allow you to conserve precious resources whilst also saving time and money. Eco friendly settings such as the part load programme or the energy saving button save up to 6 litres of water and use 10% less energy. An inbuilt soil sensor regulates water usage according to the level of dirt in the water, whilst the rinse agent function tailors the required dosage to the water hardness and load. Activated at the end of the rinse cycle, the automatic door opener shortens the drying phase and economises on valuable energy. With the Adora SL, you can enjoy squeaky clean dishes without the environmental impact.

Renowned for its sophistication and simplicity, the V-ZUG x Lifespaces kitchen is guaranteed to enrich and simplify domestic life.

Janet Boland